Tuesday, March 27, 2007


This is a reworking of something called TableThing, that I wrote for the first commercial release of Max, too long ago to remember a specific year. TableThing is a scanning sequencer. and I put an updated version of it, renamed ScanSeq, into the Gyre program I'm working on (see Gyre page for a short description of Gyre.) By scanning sequencer, I mean that it scans a Window of notes, some number of times. It then bumps the window by some Step Size. When TableThing starts out you can hear this best. It starts with a seven note window that gets repeated four times, then it bumps forward by a step size of one, and continues this pattern. After a minute or so, a second ScanSeq instance comes in. It's scanning over the same notes, but with a window size of four and a repeat of seven. This one is also fairly long, not that it really needs to be, I'm just too lazy to edit it down.

"An interesting blend of technology and sadness. The feeling of Sobbing Droids." - Johan Boberg

Link to file.

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