Friday, February 9, 2007


There was a recent thread on Matrixsynth which started out being about a NAMM video of Yasi Perera showing some of the new Buchla 200e modules, but it quickly devolved into what is starting to be a common series of rants about the 200e demos. There were a few postings talking about how the 200e demos were un-musical. I asked what musical/unmusical meant in this context, and discovered it's much like porn, people know it when they see/hear it. I've since done some research, and discovered there was once a "pop combo", called "The Beatles", who were widely regarded as being "musical". This lead me to do a search on the "internet" to find a MIDI file of one of "The Bealtles" "hits": a little number called "Blackbird." The original MIDI file, which by the way, doesn't seem exceptionally accurate, can be found on many web sites. I didn't touch the MIDI file, I just played it back, one track at a time, twisting a few knobs while I recorded the results.

Link to file


synthguy said...

hey dude what a wicked set up, awesome beats, how much did your buchla set up cost with them mods u have?

BuzzKett said...

disgusting :)